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XBodyBuild Pro

2.99 usd

A lot of people dream of a beautiful body because having one ensures certain benefits, confidence and good health. Control over the process of your body transformation is the key to success. Our XBodyBuild app will help you change your behavior and lifestyle to achieve your fitness goals. The app can be used by both professionals and amateurs. XBodyBuild capabilities include:Food Diary ● Enter your meal information to monitor your calorie intake and sum of proteins, fats, and carbs ● Specify your desired daily calorie intake to keep track of your remaining calorie, protein, fat and carb needs, or to know by how many calories, proteins, fats and carbs you’ve exceeded your desired daily intake ● Calculate your recommended intake of calories, proteins, fats, and carbs
Workout Diary ● Set up exercise measures ● Create exercises (superset, triset, round) ● Create workout plans ● Make notes about your exercises, workouts, or workout plans ● Measure your body
XBodyBuild advantages include:Food Diary ● Eating history ● Food database including 7,100 food items ● Ability to quickly add your own dishes and foods
Workout Diary ● 150 exercises with a detailed technique description ● Easy-to-use exercise and workout editor ● Workout history enabling to analyze the work performed
General ● The app has been designed by professional trainers ● Continuous upgrade and enhancement ● The app doesn’t require an Internet connection
Pro versions ● In the eating section: unlimited number of meals a day ● In the workout section: unlimited number of workout plans ● No ads